Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The school year is back in swing and we find ourselves at the outset of another good year with our teachers, our students, and the whole community. May the Lord’s blessings be with all of us, especially our children, as we educate them in crucial information about the world and the faith.

It is my firm belief that as we head through this year and look towards the future of our school, there is a need to be proactive in confronting the realities surrounding Catholic education in the US, the Diocese of Trenton, and our own parish community. The reality is there are less and less children enrolled in Catholic schools across the board.

Rather than letting things just happen to us, we are working to address some of these issues in the immediate and in the longer term. We’ve brought in Jim Vassallo as part-time Marketing Director and Angie Wojnar as a Coordinator of Extracurricular Activities to ensure the current experience of our students remains highly positive and that the wider community knows what great things are going on within our school walls.

We are also in a continuing conversation with the Diocese of Trenton staff and other local school entities about how best to proceed with Catholic Education in this area of Burlington County. Many of the local schools are starting to struggle or have struggled for years to provide quality education with a decreasing enrollment. By facing it together, we are seeking solutions that will make sure that Catholic education is a viable option for our communities for years to come. The results of our initial focus group can be found with this letter on the school

Nothing has been decided about where we are headed at this time. There will be additional steps, meetings, and conversations to determine what might happen in future academic years. It’s the right time to be asking these admittedly difficult questions, so that we can plan accordingly and act with precision and strength. I’d ask your patience and trust as we continue through this process.

Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan