Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Another year, another successful Carnival! It is absolutely amazing to me the way in which our Carnival comes together each and every year. After months of planning, weeks of putting together, and days of execution, all that’s left now is the clean-up. Mind you, even the clean-up is a big deal, so if you’re around in the evenings from 6 PM on for deconstruction, we can certainly use your help.

This year’s Carnival featured a few things different from other years. Speaking as the pastor, I am not entirely sad to see the Dunk Tank be retired. A few too many parishioners have been rather enthusiastic about asking when I was going to make an appearance in getting dunked. Its replacement, Virtual Reality, is a step into the 21st Century and will hopefully be a popular attraction for years to come.
Another first, perhaps not of the best kind, was Thursday night’s torrential downpour and severe weather.

Praise God that in the midst of such inclement weather, no one was hurt and everyone was kept safe. It was the first time we needed to put our emergency plan into use, getting those who were on the grounds into the building until the threat of dangerous conditions passed. While there is always something to improve, I am impressed and grateful with how well things went and thanks to all who ensured a smooth working of our emergency plan.

Despite two nights of precipitation and having to close the festivities early both of those nights, the crowds and the activity on the remaining four nice days made up for it. It was a bit unrealistic to think that we’d match the totals of last year which broke records across the board. However, we should take pride in another strong
showing in how the Carnival did and what it means for the life of the parish. It was another highly successful year in a long tradition of wonderful Carnivals!

My immeasurable thanks to all the volunteers for construction, deconstruction, games, food, rides, sanitation, bar & grill, supplies, and counters. If I missed your particular group, sorry but please know I’m grateful to you as well. Many hands make light work. And it is the many hands of our entire community that make this Carnival work and be such a success year in and year out.
Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan