Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We are blessed to have so many wonderful ministries here at St. Charles. This is a sign of a healthy parish. It shows not only that we have people volunteering for these various activities, but also that we are able to help and serve the needs of our community and beyond.

Some of our ministries have wide appeal and many people come in contact with them. Others are less broadly utilized but are invaluable for those in need of it. I would like to highlight one ministry in particular that falls into the latter category. It is never easy to lose a loved one. While we all must confront the reality of dying throughout our lives, it does not mean it’s easy to say goodbye to someone we care deeply for. And while everyone grieves in their own way, trying to sort out our lives after a family member or close friend passes can prove challenging and a struggle.

Sometimes it is helpful to have others to lend support and to realize that while we are experiencing loss, we are never truly alone. The Consolation/Bereavement Ministry that we have at St. Charles attempts to accompany those who are going through a recent loss and even those who may feel in some ways stuck in the grieving process. Led by compassionate and caring members of the parish community, and fostering a safe and confidential environment, this ministry is set up to help individuals find needed support and a gentle push towards finding healing from these significant losses in their lives. Hearing the feedback from those who’ve gone through these sessions, it is often transformational and it enables the individual to move in positive directions in their
relationship with God and the grieving process.

Admittedly, this is not for everyone. Whereas some individuals flourish in this setting and ministry, others do not get the same kind of benefit. But if you or someone you know is going through a rough patch due to the passing of someone important, I’d ask that you prayerfully consider whether or not the Consolation Ministry is what you need right now. The ministry is starting up this Fall on Monday, September 23rd at 7:00 PM. Look in the bulletin for more details.
Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan