Children are baptized on the first Sunday of the month at 11:00 am Liturgy (limited to two families), or the third Sunday of the month at 12:15 pm.

To schedule a Baptism, please contact the rectory at 829-3322.  Attendance at a Baptismal Preparation class is required prior to your child’s Baptism for first time parents and parents new to the parish.  Classes are held every month except December and July. Please note that any godparent must obtain a letter of eligibility from the parish they currently attend in order to participate.

Confirmation & First Communion
For children, contact the Religious Education office 829-9119
For Adults, contact the RCIA coordinator through the parish office 829-3322.

Confessions are heard every Saturday in the Reconciliation Room in church at 4:00 pm. Special appointments can be arranged by speaking to Fr. Dan. A Penance service is held every Advent and Lent.

Weddings must be scheduled one year in advance.  Call the rectory 829-3322

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick may be scheduled by calling the rectory 829-3322

Holy Orders
If you have interest in becoming a priest or deacon, talk to our Pastor, Fr. Dan. You may schedule an appointment by calling the rectory 829-3322. Additional information and help can be found at