Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Are not our lives busy? Does it not seem as if there is never enough time in the day, over the weekend, through the course of the week? Do you ever find yourself looking back at how you’ve gone through your daily routine and accomplished not half of what you set out to do?

In the midst of the frenetic pace of modern life, it is impossible to find the necessary time for both our basic obligations and our wish-list of things that we’d like to be doing. We drive ourselves nuts trying to fit everything
in, knowing that some things will likely be cut from our routine. And the first thing on the chopping block for me (and for many) is prayer.

But cutting prayer time is the worst thing we can do in our busyness. It is so completely wrong. What we think is actually saving us time and stress is actually adding to it. I say this not from some hypothetical position, but one from learned experience. Just as recently as the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my time in prayer has shrunken as my calendar has seemingly filled up. My inattentiveness to spending time with the Lord has led me to be more frustrated and flustered in my everyday dealings. Could it be in part because my life is more hectic at the beginning of the school year? Yes, but there is definitely something happening at a deeper level.
When I take the time to pray, carving out a half hour to an hour in random spots in the day, my interior self flourishes. I find myself more at ease, I discover solutions to issues I’m having without really searching, everything just seems to fit together better.

The peace and calm I experience in prayer then continues through the course of the day. Prayer really is affective and effective. Friends, finding extra time in the schedule for things is not an easy proposition. And sometimes it involves giving something else up to achieve it. But if there is one thing that is worth it, not just in the grand scheme, but even in the here and now, it is personal prayer with God. How blessed are we that we have the ability to
commune with the Divine! How important it is to help us not only in our daily lives, but to become what God calls us to be; men and women of holiness in a crazy world!
Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan