Few things signal the start of summer like the St. Charles Borromeo Carnival! It is held every year in early to mid June. Not only is it a great social event for both the parish and local community, but it is also one of the main ways the parish funds it various ministries and St. Charles School. It is a wonderful place to have a good time playing games, winning prizes, riding rides, and eating great food.

It is also a time for people to get to know each and the community better. One of the best ways to is to help and volunteer to make the Carnival a success. More fun is often had by the volunteers than the patrons. Consider joining our volunteer corps today! Volunteer sign up [Link]

Rides and Games
St. Charles Borromeo Carnival features rides by Amusements of America. The rolling fun experts at AoA guarantee excitement with rides such as The Zipper, Starship 2000, and 1001 Arabian Nights. Looking for something a little more tame, or how about something for the kiddies? There’s The Dinosaurs, The Dragonwagon, fun houses, and much more. And who can forget about the classics like the beautiful Carousel or a sky-high view from the ferris wheel!

Rides aren’t the only thing to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our games from State Fair and the great food located in our food tent and Pete’s Place.

Look for Hand-Stamp Night . Come out with your friends and enjoy the rides, food, and attractions without having to buy or carry around lots of tickets!

As usual, the Kiddie Carnival will be held during the afternoon on Friday of carnival week. On this day, all of the children rides and the Food Tent will be open. You can also save money by buying a Wrist Band instead of many tickets. However, this ticket can only be used during the Kiddie Carnival.

St. Charles Borromeo Carnival is known for its great food. Come out and get your favorites: cheese steaks, burgers, funnel cakes, hoagies, pizza, panzarottis, waffles & ice cream and more will be available.

Click here to view the Carnival Website