Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It seems like the blink of an eye that we’ve gone from the end of the school year to this point in the summer. Along the way, we’ve had a successful Carnival, our Summer RE program, a Mission Appeal, six weeks of a seminarian, a visit from Bishop O’Connell, and many other things to boot. But now we hit upon the deeper part of the summer and the chance to hopefully slow down and refocus.

Personally speaking, it seems like it’s been a busy summer and I’m looking forward to a bit of a break. The chance to take a breath and relax a little bit is important for the wellbeing of anyone and everyone. If you’re constantly going from one thing to another, without taking the occasional break in between, not only does it make it hard to fully enjoy those activities, it can also lead to burning out. And so, in order to avoid such things, it is imperative that we all occasionally take a rest, now and again.
I feel fairly confident in my insistence that we as individuals need to take a break. Why? Because God Himself modelled it for us and commanded us to follow His example. If we go back to the creation of the universe and the story of Genesis, we notice immediately a unique feature to how the Lord created everything. Not only is
there a certain order to creation, but once it was completed, God rested from his labors. Now, for those of us who had heard this story from a young age and over and over again throughout our lives, this may not strike as anything extraordinary. But the Jewish culture and society was the first in the Ancient world to introduce and
insist upon a day of rest. It was even codified into law by the 10 Commandments. Other cultures did not take a day off from working. Other societies would have been perplexed as to why the Israelites would have done no farming, or trading, or anything of the sort, on the Sabbath.

But if it’s good enough for God to rest, how much more so is it for us? And so, in the dog days of summer, make sure you’re taking time to relax and recharge. Read a book, take a trip, and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Do something that will be restful for you. That way, when life picks up in pace again, you’ll be ready. Not just to face the happenings of the day, but ready to give your full effort to the tasks and challenges at hand. Enjoy the rest that comes in the summer and follow in the footsteps of the Lord your God.

Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan