Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Recently, I have been reminded of a great lesson in life; moving is not much fun. Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for finding a better living situation for yourself and your loved ones and there are things that can be enjoyable as one transitions into a new home. However, the physical act of moving; of packing, of organizing, and boxing up possession after possession is not altogether much fun. And neither is the immediate unpacking that occurs right after.

I’ve just had an experience of this as I’ve made the jump over to the Wagner House. I never remember how much stuff I actually own until I have to pack it up. While there are still some furniture items to be moved over and arranged from the one place to the other, I can say that both myself and my cat George have settled in quite nicely.

While that’s all well and good for me, there remains the office portion of the rectory which has to make its way over to Branch Pike. Currently, there are boxes and boxes of files and supplies, books and other materials waiting to brought over to the new office space. The construction of the new offices, located at the red building near Windsor Drive, is going well and is on pace to be finished in the first week of August. Our target date of moving is set for Friday August 7th.

This brings me to the real point of the letter this week. Making as big of a change as we are, there’s going to be some things that need to be worked out and some potential bumps along the way. Even though the physical part of the office will be finished (if all goes according to plan), there are still things like phones and computers and basic office stuff to be set up. In light of that, I’ve made the decision that the Parish Office is going to be closed for the week of August 10-14.

I feel fairly confident that it being the early part of August, the ordinary demand for the office to be open should be light, as it usually is for that time of summer. Rather than having two tasks ahead of us, unpacking and settling into the office and the normal running of parish affairs, by eliminating one, we’ll have a better chance
of focusing on the other. Closing the office for a week will allow us to hit the ground running when we open it again on August 17th.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Da