Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
A Happy Mother’s Day to all!
In a world where the individual is often exulted above everything else, it’s nice to know that there are certain days and times that focus us on something and someone other than ourselves. And while some may believe that it’s mostly a day that benefits companies like Hallmark and restaurants that offer special brunch menus, what
Mother’s Day offers to us is important.

Because let’s face it: the modern world is constantly making it harder to be truly connected with others and have meaningful relationships, even in the family setting. There are more and more distractions in every day life; from things like the abundance of media we can consume to the constant barrage of notifications on our phones and other devices. And we’re just plain busier and busier it seems  with each passing day.

One of the consequences of this is that relationships with others, even the most significant ones like that of a parent and child, are tested and strained in this new, modern reality. The child and mother relationship is the most basic and fundamental one in the life of any human being. With apologies to the men, but it edges out fatherhood in terms of impact for how well or ill a person gets through life. There’s not much of Sigmund Freud’s theories on psychology that are still held in high esteem, but he was probably onto something when he emphasized that maternal bonds are essential to good emotional and psychological health.

I don’t mean to suggest that those who’ve not had perfect relationships with their mothers are somehow less capable of being a good person and living a well-balanced, good life. However, it’s easier to be get through life in some ways if you’ve had a strong foundation established by a loving and caring mother.

All of this is to arrive at this point: in the celebration of Mother’s Day we have a chance to reflect upon and continue to grow our relationship with Mom. And so, I hope you and your families have a chance to be together and enjoy each other’s company over a meal or through other circumstances. I hope you understand the special love mothers have for their children and cherish it. And if for some reason you find this Mother’s Day tough to celebrate this year for whatever reason, you can remember to turn to the Blessed Mother in prayer, confident that her love and comfort is always there for you.
Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan