Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we turn the calendar over into the month of June, I am pleased to talk about some exciting things happening, particularly in the realm of priestly vocations.

This Saturday, June 1 st , there is the priesthood ordination for the Diocese of Trenton. We have two men being ordained, one of which is Wynne Kerridge, who was with us for a summer as a seminarian. It’s always an important moment in the local Church when ordinations roll around and an opportunity for all the priests to welcome new members to the brotherhood. Please pray for both Wynne and Brian Meinders as they begin their priestly ministry here in the diocese.

Speaking of seminarians, we are blessed once again to have one for the summer. His time with us will begin the following Saturday, June 8th. His name is Nick Alescio and he is from the town of Fair Haven which is up in Monmouth County. He is finishing his first year of theology and will be with throughout June and most of July. As is seemingly the custom, he’ll arrive just as the Carnival does, which means he’ll be a busy guy right from the start. Please give him the warm welcome that this community is known for and help him continue to grow in his knowledge and experience of parish life in his time with us.

There is another very special thing happening on June 8 th this year. One of our own native sons, Tom Elitz, S.J. will be ordained to the priesthood as part of the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits. The timing and the process for religious orders can be a bit different than for diocesan clergy and the Jesuits tend to be on the longer sides of things. And so, it’s especially joyous to know that Tom is finally joining the rank of priesthood and will begin a new phase of ministry thereafter. It really warms my heart to know that there’s going to be a new priest from our parish community, a vocation to the religious life that has been realized. We trust that God called Tom to this way of life and vocation. But it’s important to note that vocations usually flourish only if there’s good support from family, friends, and parishes. Please keep Tom in your prayers as he prepares for his ordination.

I believe that there are more men and women called to serve the Church within our parish community. And it is important that we continue to pray that such individuals may be open to God’s promptings in their lives. May St. Charles continue to be a community of support and welcome to those discerning God’s call in their lives and let us celebrate those entering into ordained ministry this June!

Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Dan